You Will Benefit From This Realization I Just Had


I just recently brought on an apprentice to help me grow my business, and working with him one-on-one has made me realize just how much I take for granted when it comes to the technical side of internet marketing.

Stuff that, to me, is super easy…Stuff I can do half asleep.

But the stuff I find easy is the same stuff that scares the crap out of so many other people. I’d say more than 90% of the people that “try” to make money online fall into this category.

And it’s also what keeps them from moving forward.

For example… Installing A WordPress Blog

A lot of people know how to do this, but I bet for every 1 person who does, there are at least 100 who don’t.

My apprentice is one of them. And you may not know how to either.

So what I decided to do as I teach him is to record screen capture videos of me doing whatever it is I am showing him how to do so he can reference it whenever he needs to instead of me having to show him every time.

And that’s when it hit me…

If I have to teach him, and he’s only 1 of tens, hundreds, thousands, even TENS of thousands of people who need to learn these internet marketing tasks, then why not make these videos for everyone — including YOU.

So without further adieu, here is a video I just uploaded to YouTube showing the fastest and easiest way to install a wordpress blog on your website…From your Cpanel.

NOTE: If the video is too small on this page, click here to see it bigger

If you still need hosting, I highly recommend you go with Hostgator. As I mentioned in the video, Fantastico comes standard in their Cpanel and they are one of the most cost effective AND reliable web hosts out there.

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All The Best,
Jason Dinner

9 thoughts on “You Will Benefit From This Realization I Just Had

  1. J.L.Gibson

    Dear Jason,

    [Imagine you hear Beyonce Knowles singing, “At Last” in the background while you read this. :-)]

    Finally… at last, someone who remembers what it’s like to be a newbie who’s desparately trying to learn about internet marketing! Far too many guru’s have completely forgotten what it’s like to be a novice and that “…the stuff they find easy is the same stuff that scares the crap out of so many other people.” Hello!

    More often than not, a newbie is left in a stupor of mass confusion because the training they are following is written by someone who assumes the student knows a lot more than they actually do.

    There are no words to adequately describe the student’s frustration! Been there, hated it!

    Thanks for taking action on your lightbulb-insight. I will be sharing your info with my daughters to help them learn about IM.

  2. Steve Steiner

    While I personally have installed WordPress on my sites, I completely agree that it is easy to take for granted the technical things one does in the course of Internet Marketing. It isn’t just Internet Marketing though, it is anything that requires some type of technical knowledge. By having an apprentice who requires training, it should serve as a reminder. If you have the time to make short videos as you are training your apprentice I think it will be invaluable to other “newbies”. As always your videos are very helpful, keep ‘em coming!

  3. Julie Fletcher


    Its true, a lot of gurus gloss over the basic details and just say install a blog, write some articles, drive some traffic, make sales?

    But how, each step needs to be broken down into smaller bite size chunks so that everyone can follow along and move their business forward.

    Great video.


  4. Sally Neill

    Hi Jason, great tutorial for beginners, took me a while to install it when I first started. If you are doing requests, can you do a google analytics tutorial, I just put that on my blog and it’s pretty confusing, thanks Sally :)

  5. Brian Edmondson


    It’s amazing the amount of knowledge we have that we take for granted after years of doing something!

    This reminds me of something I heard from Mike Filsaime years ago at a seminar, “Record everything you do.” That advice has made me and my clients a lot of money :-)


  6. Joe Jablonski


    I know this is so true because you would say things back in the past that I would be like and what does that mean and can you back up. LOL, we all take things for granted at times. Great point Brian…”record everything”

    Thanks for input Jason, and what is blog? jk

    ~ Joe Jablonski

  7. Raluca

    Hello Jason,
    My name is Raluca and I am Codrut Turcanu’s sister. For the moment I’m writting an e-book that is based on a 15 questions interview with 5 of the online marketing gurus and I would be honored if would be one of them. Please let me know how can I contact you.
    Regards, Raluca


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