Why I love PLR and why You should too…

Hi Guys,

There are many reasons why I absolutely love Private Label Rights (PLR) products and why you should too.

- For starters, you can completely repackage a PLR product and make it like you created it yourself.

- Another thing you can do is break a PLR product such as a report into smaller mini ebooks that you can distribute throughout the web.

- Or you can sell them as they are with resell rights.

Now, let’s take a look at the last one I mentioned for a minute.

I’ve purchased some of the more well known and high profile PLR packages such as Jeremy Burn’s Source Code Gold Mine.

I spent $197 on the package of products which included 10 or 12 different products.

I can’t remember exactly how many there were in the package, but it was a sweet package and a great deal.

Then I even purchased the one time offer for another $127 because I immediately recognized its value and how much better it made the overall package.

Now, at this point you may be saying to yourself that $324 is a lot of money to be spending for a package of products with Private Label Rights.

But, I didn’t think so, and I still don’t think it was expensive at all.

Here’s why…

I look at it as an investment in my business.

Just as an example, the last PLR package that I had purchased was Source Code Gold Mine, as previously mentioned above.

I invested $324, but have made $2461.68 just from selling 1 of the products in the package as it is without even changing any of the content!

I can share more examples of other PLR products I’ve been making big profits with on complete autopilot, but I think you get my point.

All I did was incorporate a few products that were relevant to my existing business into my marketing funnel.

And this is just one way you can profit from PLR products.

But I guess the real underlying moral of this story is that I took action.

What good is spending money on anything if you don’t take any action.

This holds especially true for private label rights products.

They are created so you can go and make money with them. That’s the whole idea.

They aren’t created so you can buy them and then let them collect digital dust on your pc’s hard drive.

You have to take action.

I showed you one example of me taking action with a $324 investment that has to-date yielded me an ROI of over 800%.

The best part is that my return on investment will continue to grow.

So, you made it this far down the page.

I hope you learned something from me sharing my personal experience with you.

In addition, I sincerely hope that you now have a better appreciation of the power of PLR products and what kind of money you can make from them.

With that said, I just invested in a new package of Private Label Rights products a couple of days ago.

It actually has 40 products in total which is pretty impressive considering the asking price.

And it was put together by one of the best PLR product creators, Edmund Loh.

You can see the package at:


This is the 5th time he is rolling out some killer PLR products and may be his last.

As soon as I saw this package, I snatched it up within minutes. I didn’t even read the entire sales page!

Especially because of the ROI I know I can see once I find a place to sell them.

Hec, I could just take one of the products and sell it to my list with resell rights and I’ll make my money back.

So, think of the possibilites that lie before you regarding Edmund Loh’s Private Label Rights Gold package and make a quality investment now before he raises the price or takes it down completely:


All The Best,
Jason Dinner

P.S. With what I shared with you on how to profit with PLR products, you definitely don’t want to hesitate on this one.

It’s a killer package, and all you have to do to make your money back is take action.

Invest wisely in your business today:


11 thoughts on “Why I love PLR and why You should too…

  1. Henrik V Blunck - Denmark

    Hi Jason

    I agree. For those who act professionally with these tools, they are of great benefit to everyone. But copycats will sometimes destroy the market potential by releasing something exceptionally good on eBay for a fraction of the price you’re asking for. That is not only wrong, but quite a shame because it destroys other people’s willingness to offer good copyright terms that could otherwise – in the long run – be of benefit to everyone, including the original publisher.

    Thanks for your article. Thought-provoking. :-)

  2. Herschel Lawhorn

    I wholeheartly agree. Private Label Rights (PLR) products are one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. It takes a little work, but what doesn’t?

    Jason, I enjoy reading your posts and usual read them all even thought this is the first time I have commented.

    Keep up the good posts.

  3. redspace

    ya i believe PLR go benefit a lot for online business. it reduce the time to create new product. but the sale part is not encouraging for beginner. to sell online nowadays need trust and credibility unless your are selling to others who are not the “end customer” but also seller like us.

    most sale happen on the internet is when we are selling product to other internet marketer. while the true people who need the “real product” suffer. this can be check thru the very very low conversion rate of “real product”.

  4. annette taylor

    Hi Jason

    I believe plr are very good products if you know what to do with them.
    The membership I have gives me plenty but I can’t seem to find the time to do changes. I am a webmaster that has so many people to help it’s hard.
    But I feel that if I had the time or had some to help me with them we could make some good money. Thanks for your article.

    Take Care

  5. Anita

    Hi Jason,

    I have never tried PLR before but will have a look at this and try and get some idea of the potential.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Best regards,

  6. marsha

    Hi Jason,

    lately those are the products i ahav ebeen collecting from JV
    giveaways because I think it’s a great way to start making money on the internet especially if you are a beginner.

    Now I just need some really good articles to make really good packages for my website.
    Thank you for the useful tips.
    All the best from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  7. Andy Huang


    PLR is the same concept of private label products in the manufacturing world. Sony have their computer produced by Taiwanese factory, with their name on it as an OEM product. PLR is the best resource for new internet marketers to start their new venture.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Affiliate Marketing guide

    I must say that i have not used plr products in my marketing business yet although i may well consider it.

    In choosing plr products, i gather that choosing products that have a limited number of rights sold is important.

  9. Glen Wood

    Hi! Jason,

    From what you are saying here, this is a good profit stream. I, however, still feel that selling tangible comsumable products to satisfied repeat customers will pay off in the long run. Plus, by promoting products that reduce our impact on the environment we create a win-win process.
    What are your feelings on this? Should I be working both sides of the fence so to speak?

    Hi Glen,

    People get into the digital products business for many reasons. And while I can’t and won’t say one is better than the other, they both have their advantages. For example, digital products don’t cost any money to store because they are mere electrons, so to speak. What better reduction of impact on the environment than to not have to use up energy and gasoline to deliver a tangible consumable product. There are digital services available that are ‘consumable’ in one way or the other such as web hosting, audio file hosting, etc.

    I love dealing with digital products because my business overhead is severely low compared to most businesses that sell a physical product.

    Hope this helps :)

  10. Ed


    So true. PLR products, if you choose the right ones, can be profitable with little or sometimes no change to them.

    Good tip for newbies…



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