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About Me


My name is Jason Dinner

I was born and raised on Long Island in New York and still live here. I am a proud father of 3 awesome children and a proud husband to my wife Melissa.

My internet marketing journey began when I saw some stupid infomercial on TV with a polished actor spinning around on his chair from his computer desk to tell me that he just made $30,000 last month.

I knew he was just an actor, but I was still curious to know what this website had to offer.

It turned out to only be a directory of more opportunities. LOL

But, nonetheless. that’s how it all started for me.

That was back in January of 2005. I spun my wheels for a while, about 6 months, but I kept digging deeper and deeper and kept making new discoveries.

One thing I learned before my internet marketing career was that if you want to be successful at something, the best way to reach success is to find someone that is better at it than you are and learn everything you can from them.

That’s pretty much my story. I found a mentor and everything changed from that point.

Fast forward over 4 years and now I am a full time internet marketer. I have made 6 figures the last 2 years in a row and I owe it all to the internet and my mentor.

Granted, a mentor is useless if you don’t take action with what they teach you.

So, even though I had a mentor, I still took massive action and continue to do so today. Even the most successful people have a mentor.

Well, maybe some other time I will finish my story, but not on this page. LOL

This is just an about page. To see some of my sites, click on the My Sites tab at the top of the page.

I’ll talk to you soon :)


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