Generate Tons of Free Traffic Without Breaking The Bank


Let’s face it.

To succeed online, you need web traffic.

No Traffic = No Sales = Failure As An Online Marketer

And not just any old type of traffic will do.

It needs to be targeted.

How much would it be worth to you if you were to be given access to 48 different no cost traffic generation methods?


Talk Soon,
Jason Dinner

7 thoughts on “Generate Tons of Free Traffic Without Breaking The Bank


    traffic = sales?

    excuse me when I have to bother you with a little comment on that.

    traffic converts only to sales if you have:

    1. a website that actually sells a product where you get commission for
    2. a website that offers interesting information and you get paid for clicks on related ads (google ads or other ones) – see more details for that strategy at
    ==> Link Removed <== You said traffic needs to be targeted. Right about that – but targeted to WHAT? It is so important that people learn that someone who looks for “digital cameras” is not targeted – if you want to have sales you need to have someone who looks for “sony camera 378 mega zoom” as that person is already in the buying mode. You can indeed use “free” methods to create “free” traffic to such keywords – by writing keyword related pages that exactly target this kind of customer. Jason, I would have expected a little bit more content to a blog post like this one you wrote that results in promoting Ross Goldberg Manifesto that costs $37 to buy. Nothing wrong with recommending things – but how about adding more meat and content. Nobody will buy from a webpage that you just through in like you did.

  2. Kym Huynh

    That’s true… the adage of build it and it will come doesn’t apply much. I prefer a modified one… build something interesting and they will come.

  3. ManuelV

    Thank you for this post, Jason! That only thing left is to figure out how to attract targeted traffic, and what to do with that traffic once it comes rushing to your site.

    Also, what we can do with untargeted traffic. :-)


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