Effective Monetization Strategies For Forum Owners

Hey :) So I am a member of this pretty big marketing forum called The Warrior Forum. It’s mixed with veteran marketers and newbies. Most times everyone is very helpful. Sometimes people are real jerks, but what do you expect from an open forum where people can hide behind their computer.

But if you can over look that and just focus on the positive aspects of it it can be a gold mine if you know how to make the most of it. Here’s the link to it: => http://WarriorForum.com

I participate their to some degree, but mostly only when I can provide some value and help the other members.

And there was this post from another great marketer, Allen Graves, where he was asking how he can monetize one of the forums he has. (By the way, this guy is living proof that Bum Marketing works for anyone who works it).

Anyway, he has this popular forum in the dog niche and doesn’t do anything to make money from it.

So he asked how he can start making money with it WITHOUT insulting or upsetting his valued members. He used the phrase “without pissing them off.”

Other members had great replies that were helpful, but here is what I suggested…

************************ BEGIN MY FORUM POST REPLY ****************************

I’m surprised no one else mentioned this. Or maybe they did and I missed it.

Why not rotate super targeted banner ads at the top of the forum.

You know the 720 x 90 size long rectangular banners.

You can go anywhere from dog training courses from Clickbank like “Sit, Stay, Fetch” and find some really cool sites with affiliate programs that sell organic dog food, bones, and anything else someone with a dog may need at any time.

I just checked and Petco has an affiliate program too.
Petco Affiliate Program – Earn Anywhere From 9 – 15% Commissions

But I wouldn’t just limit it to them. Like I said, rotate different banners for different sites and track your results so you can narrow down which ones produce the most revenue and stick to them.

Another thing you can do aside from banners is put a sticky thread (like Allen does here) asking people what they usually like to buy online for their dog.

They WILL tell you. This will make it a lot easier for you to give it to them as if you are doing them a favor (and you are) without pissing people off.

But as you know with forums, some people will get pissed, but most won’t.

And if they do, they can leave and find another forum.

You know enough about traffic generation that you can replace those few whiners with a lot more winners that won’t mind you generating some revenue to cover your “operating expenses” for that site.

It does cost you money to run it. Both in time and actual expenses.

Hope this helps

– Jason

2 thoughts on “Effective Monetization Strategies For Forum Owners

  1. Rich

    Hi Jason,
    I too am a member of the Warrior Forum. I haven’t
    participated there in a long time. The last time I was there someone commented about someone else and it was taken the wrong way. Even after the person apoligized and clarified what he was saying
    everybody immediately ganged up on him (childish) it must be nice to be so perfect. Anyway I have’t been back.
    Back to your friends problem, does he have a free advertising section in his forum? If so post his banner ads their and charge others to post their ads there, that way he won’t even have to deal with affiliate commisions.
    hope that helps

  2. Jason

    Yeah, that happens a lot in there. Very sheepish if you ask me. That’s why I am very selective how and where I participate. I do my best not to get caught up in the BS that goes on.

    Despite all of the nonsense, it really is a great forum to learn some proven marketing strategies.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

    – Jason


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