Cool Internet Marketing Tips I Gave My Dad

Hey All,

I am teaching my dad how to market online in the antique (antiquing) niche. The guy just happens to be a total Guru when it comes to that stuff, he just didn’t know he can capitolize on it on the interwebs :P

Well, not until I told him.

He knows just about everything you would want to know about buying and selling all different types of antique collectibles from cast iron doorstops and door knockers, to grandfather clocks, to hand carved oak, and antique furniture pieces.

I’m sure there’s more stuff he knows about, but I think you get the gyst.

In the 40+ years he’s been collecting, he’s probably forgot more stuff about antique collecting than most people will ever learn.

So part of our plan is to use attract other antiquers by way of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (for starters) and funnel all of the traffic those places generate over to his personal blog (under construction).

We were building some good momentum, but lost touch due to both of us being super busy. He emailed me the other day asking what we can do to get it back.

Here is what I said to him. Maybe this can help you somehow as well which is why I am posting it here…

*********************BEGIN EMAIL TO MY DAD****************

“Sup dad,

Yeah everyone is finally better.

Yes we did lose some momentum. Your videos, however, are still getting views ;)

You own half of the first page of YouTube for the search terms – cast iron antiques, antique cast iron, antique oak

I will soon teach you how to make your video a response to someone else’s high view count video.

It’s easy to do, but there is a strategy you always want to follow when doing it.

Start tweeting your pieces again. All those videos you should be tweeting to your followers to keep
them engaged and “@ reply” people that talk about shit you know about.

Follow 50-100 people a day and @reply 10 people who you are following to engage them in conversation.

Tweet about a different piece every day. Rotate them. Tweet them once or twice a day.

You always want to make sure your last tweet (update) is always content so people that you are following will get to see some of your stuff which will get them to follow you back and get you traffic to your stuff. Do all the @replies to engage people, but when you know you’re done with
twitter for a while or for the day, always post a link to one of your videos or a blog post once your blog is up.

We need written content as well. Articles would be perfect.

Simple articles such as:

5 Easy Ways You Can Tell An Antique Piece Is A Fraud

In your intro you tell them what you’re going to tell them.
Example: in this article I will be telling you the 5 easy ways you can tell an antique piece is a fraud.

Then in your body, you tell them what you told them you would tell them. lol

Closing paragraph, you tell them what you just told them.

Then you can do variant articles like
5 Ways To Tell A Grandfather Clock Is Real
5 ways to spot an authentic oak morris chair
5 ways to spot an authentic cast iron antique doorstop

You see where I’m going with that?

If you don’t feel like writing it on paper, put your flip on a tripod, get a whiteboard and some dry erase markers and record the video as if you’re in a classroom teaching.

This way that content will serve us three fold..

* We will have a video for youtube
* we can transcribe your audio into written content
* we can also distribute the audio file.

Are you reading that copywriting book? If not, then get back to reading it, even if it’s a page a day.

That book will play a crucial roll in future ads and ebay listing you do. It will be embedded in your subconscious and you will be writing killer ads without even realizing it – just because you read that book.

Anyways, reply with questions about any of this stuff. I want to come up there, but won’t be able to until after christmas. You can come out here over the weekend if you want though before Xmas comes.

I am working on your blog as we speak.  Antique themes aren’t that common so still looking.

Talk Soon :)

**************END EMAIL TO MY DAD******************

Now keep in mind, for now we are building his business using ONLY free methods of traffic generation.

So far the only expenses we incurred was him buying a Flip Ultra HD Video Camera to show off his pieces and make content videos and me paying the $9 domain transfer fee to get his domain over from his original registrar, Earthlink (DON’T EVER USE THEM FOR ANYTHING RELATED TO INTERNET MARKETING), to my domain name registrar of choice in Namecheap.

That’s it for now. I will keep you up to date on his progress from this blog, so stay tuned :)

All The Best,


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13 thoughts on “Cool Internet Marketing Tips I Gave My Dad

  1. Shannon

    hey Jason,

    That is really cool that you’re working with your dad teaching him how to make money on the Internet. If my father was still alive I would be doing the same thing. I bet that is a fantastic relationship builder that will grow very fond memories for the future.

    Shannon Herod

  2. Jason

    Lisle – Don’t just look into it. GET IT!! Your ability or inability to write action getting copy will greatly effect your bottom line for better or for worse ;)

    It’s like $13 on Amazon

  3. Jason

    Shannon, the indirect relationship building bonus that is resulting from working with my father is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to work with him in the first place ;)

    Selfish… I know. But I think he wants the same thing.

  4. Andrew Stark

    Hi Jason

    Great to see that you’re giving Dad solid advice.

    I’m also adding John’s Tested Advertising Methods to my christmas wish list as these old school direct advertising methods still work, in fact a proven headline is pure marketing gold, just look at the examples of the article headlines you suugested.

    Keep safe and don’t spend too much on christmas for all those kids.


  5. Jason

    What’s up Shugster!! :)

    Caples talks a great deal about headlines. Definitely can be applied to what we do. Even works great for email subject lines (which also happen to be headlines in their own right)

    Thanks for commenting! :)

    P.S. – With regards to your X-mas comment, it’s too late!! My wife already hit me up for the kids gifts. DOH!!!

  6. William M Amos

    That is really a nice thing to do for your DAD Jason. I hope to one day be teaching Internet Marketing to my Dad as well.

    I see how the social security plan is failing at an alarming rate. The cost of living is going up, and the amount of SSI our parents will receive is going down.

    These SSI checks aren’t worth the paper they are printed on half the time.

    I don’t expect my 67 year old father to go back to the manual labor he once did, but it seems like the system he payed into doesn’t mind a bit.

    I do! I think Internet Marketing is the answer for him, and I hope he makes so much money that he can tell SSI to keep their INSULT & LIE.

  7. Rich

    I wish you and your dad great success on your adventure in marketing together. I never had a lot of time with my dad when I was young (passed away) but I make time for my son today.

    Thanks for the tip on the copywriting book I can always benefit from better writing skills.

  8. Jason

    Thanks William. I am having a blast schooling him on something for once :P

    It is tough for a lot of people out there.

    Social Security income used to go a long way 10, 15, even 20 years ago…

    …but not today.

    I firmly believe that Internet Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to start supplementing your other sources of income.

    Just be focused and persistent and you can soon even replace your income with what you make online.

    I know it because I did it and have been doing it full time for over 3 years now.

    Anyways, I wish you and YOUR father the best of luck and success online :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


  9. Jason

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for your kind words. Glad to hear you are making up the time with your own son.

    And yeah, read that copywriting book two or three times in a row. You will be such an effective action inducing ad writing machine that you will astonish yourself sometimes just how good you became ;)

    All The Best,

  10. Doug Champigny

    Great advice you’re giving him Jason – glad to see he’s open to it! As more and more people realize this isn’t a recession but a new reality, they’ll need to know how to boost their incomes like that…

    And you make a great point about headlines – they hook people into a salespage, get them to open e-mails and, of course, are the content of Twitter – micro-tweets are simply headline marketing.

    Stay on him though, Big J – ‘getting too busy’ is just another euphemism for unfocused and distracted – true success online comes from consistent repeated action, not ocassional shots in the dark!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours – hope to see you at ISSC in Orlando in January!

  11. Jason

    Hey Doug,

    Great seeing you here :D

    Headlines are super important. And Copywriting as a whole is a skill that can and must be developed.

    It’s as easy as reading a few books and practicing A LOT. It’s not rocket science.

    And hec yeah on being persistent. Persistence wipes out fear and procrastination.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Doug :)



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